Sopor Aeternus - The Rules (Limited Edition) - 2LP

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    2x12" vinyl
    Classy black combined with extraordinary screenprint
    Screenprint on side D with special colour ‘Halloween orange’
    180 gram
    Super-audiophile high quality discs
    Black inner sleeves with antistatic lining
    Gatefold sleeve
    Hand-numbered by Anna-Varney Cantodea
    Limited to 500 copies worldwide


Side A
    Opening (5:21)
    Six Six Six (6:09)
    Home Column (5:10)

Side B:

    The Great Annoyance (4:11)
    The House of POE (5:40)
    Vortex (5:15)

Side C:

    The Spell (4:15)
    The HA! Squares (6:16)
    Counter:Spell (4:04)


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