Staubkind - Ein Weihnachtsabend - CD EP (Kartonstecktasche)

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Christmas – The most contemplative time of the year that everyone wants to spend with his beloved ones and enjoy the very special mood. Just in time for the holiday season Louis Manke alias Staubkind invites to four Christmas concerts and additionally comes up with a small music christmas present. Louis Manke remembers a fixed part of his christmas time – and releases his version of „Weihnachten in Familie“ by Frank Schöbel. A record that was present in every living room at christmas time and that is part of the memories of the singer born in Saxony. Completed bei the beautiful christmas ballads „Still still still“ and „Leise rieselt der Schnee“ the pre-Christmas period can begin. Are you ready for the loveliest time of the year? Then give it a listen and join with „Weihnachten in Familie“ by Staubkind. Tracks: 1. Weihnachten in Familie 2. Leise rieselt der Schnee 3. Still still still
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