ten56. - Downer - (Limited Marbled Red/Yellow Vinyl Gatefold) - 2LP

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!!Repress on marble red/yellow vinyl!!

ten56. release their first full-length album “Downer”, consisting of two parts “Downer Part.1” and “Downer Part.2” that have previously been released as EPs. Culminating their abrasive sounds into one big release, their music is the perfect representation of brute aggression, dystopian views and an overall crushing sound with Aaron Matts’ incredible vocals.

Besides all the beloved songs, the album additionally includes the bonus track “Choky” that once again smashes with ten56.’s intriguing nu-metal induced deathcore sound in between downtempo grooves.

Downer” is available on CD,  gatefold 2LP and comes with a new T-Shirt. So grab your favourite goodies from your new favourite deathcore band!


Tracklist Marbled 2LP:
Disc 1 Side A    
A1    Exit Bag
A2    Diazepam
A3    Shitspitter
Disc 1 Side B    
B1    Sick Dog
B2    Boy
B3    Kimo
Disc 2 Side C    
C1    Yenta
C2    Traumadoll
C3    RLS
C4    Saiko
C5    Intruder
C6    Masque
C7    Ender

Disc 2 Side D    
D1     Bonus Track
D2     Bonus Track

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