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Agonoize front-man Chris L. returns with his vision of a modernized form of Electronic Body Music. Raw, minimalist, melodic and relentlessly floor filling, “This Is Erotic Body Music“ is the stuff that cult club tunes are made of. With a full-frontal attack of wry black humor, pumping sequencer lines, bone-dry beats and minimalist, yet catchy melodies, The Sexorcist, the new band project from Chris L. (Agonoize, Dance Or Die) and his partner in crime Gunnar Kreuz was one of the most pleasant new surprises to hit the Electro-scene in late 2015. The Sexorcist take the bare-bones proto-EBM-approach of DAF and fuse it with something that would best be termed “Synth Pop with balls”, garnishing it with an up-to-date pimped-up production – a combination that also works perfectly on the follow-up EP “This Is Erotic Body Music.” It doesn't matter whether the band takes a satirical approach on life in the countryside outside Berlin in the smashingly anthemic “Brandenburg” or is tackling more serious matters, while embarking down a harder path in songs like “Re (e-)volution”: the duo's Erotic Body Music is always full of club-hit-potential. The Berlin-based band rejuvenates the old school of EBM in the best possible way: instead of desperately trying to sound retro, The Sexorcist go for sexy, instead! Tracks: 1. Re(-e)volution 2. Vegan 3. Brandenburg 4. Minimalkomplex 5. Inferno
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