While She Sleeps - Self Hell (Limited Multicolor Splatter Vinyl) - LP

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British metalcore high-flyers While She Sleeps uncompromisingly and unpredictably explore the boundaries of their genre on their new album. The result is a collage of the musical passions of their individual band members. 'SELF HELL' feels like the second debut album from a band that has become such a vital force over the last ten years. The riffs are still brute. Vintage synthesisers reveal electronic influences such as Aphex Twin, Bicep or Prodigy.

On their sixth studio album, the five-piece band has found an incredibly powerful and creative way to express the essence and vision of each individual band member. 'SELF HELL' is characterised by Britpop-influenced working class youth in the mining villages around Sheffield. A defiant "nothing-to-lose-and-everything-to-gain" spirit hovers over everything.

1. Peace Of Mind
2. Leave Me Alone
3. Rainbows
4. Self Hell
5. Wildfire
6. No Feelings Is Final (feat. Aether)
7. Dopesick (feat. Fin Power – Stone)
8. Down (feat. Malevolence)
9. To The Flowers
10. Out Of The Blue
11. Enemy Mentality
12. Radical Hatred / Radical Love

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