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Release Date: march 14, 2008 The name Accessory has always been a trademark of quality when it comes to solid dance floor Molotov-cocktails comprised of EBM, Techno and Trance. It is, thus, little wonder that, on their new double CD “More than Machinery”, the band goes full throttle yet again … combining smashing beats, hard bass, addictive Trance hook lines and catchy melodies to create some of the finest Electro tunes around. Song titles like “Tanzflächenmann”, “Acsy Girl” or “Electrochain” prove to be quite programmatic: where the last release was dominated by SciFi-themes and a dark atmosphere, “More than Machinery” aims directly at the clubs. Straightforward and direct, Accessory have reduced their sound to the bare essentials, creating an album full of rocketing tracks that mingle the best of classic EBM with the ultra-fat sounds of today. “More than Machinery” is released as a double CD… with CD 1 containing 11 all-new club smashers and CD 2 boasting three more new songs, bone-shaking remixes (among them mixes by Ashbury Heights and Acylum) plus four songs from the never-before-released album “Disabled Future”, from 1998. With “More than Machinery”, Accessory are providing the scene with an all-new, thoroughly modernized outlook on EBM. The music never holds back, but always attacks relentlessly with full electronic force. This stuff was just made for the dance floor! Tracklisting: CD 1 01. Humanity 02. If this isn´t a dream 03. Acsy Girl 04. The Hole 05. Numbers and Bits 06. Heartattack 07. Take the Chance 08. Tanzflaechenmann 09. Big and Easy 10. Under Control 11. Gegen den Strom Bonus CD 01. The Shape 02. Fuck the Terrorism 03. At the End 04. Tanzflaechenmann (remixed by Ashbury Heights) 05. Gegen den Strom (remixed by Acylum) 06. Die Rebellion 07. Revolution 08. Notice from Addict 09. Despair
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