Rave The Reqviem - Ex-Eden - CD

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Sweden’s industrial metal pioneers RAVE THE REQVIEM open up their next chapter: EX-EDEN

Rave the Reqviem's music is characterized by its unique fusion of metal, electronic elements and symphonic influences, creating an aggressive yet extremely catchy sound that will shake your core. With EX-EDEN, the female-fronted metal unit delivers their 5th full-length studio album, treating the world to eleven new masterpieces full of heavy guitars, epic strings, hard beats and all the gloriousness one would expect from Rave The Reqviem.

Aggressive! Energetic! Maximized! Rave The Reqviem are back with vengeance, ready to claim their God-given right to the throne of symphonic and industrial metal. As brutal as ever. As beautiful as ever - ALL HAIL THE CHVRCH OF RAVE THE REQVIEM!

How To Hate Again
God, Demon, Machine
Zero Solace
Edge Of Eden
Exit Babylon feat. Jake E
Angry All The Time

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