Rave The Reqviem - FVNERAL [sic] - CD

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„A powerfvl hybrid of indvstrial metal and modern electronic mvsic, with majestic symphonic elements and explosive chorvses.", this is, how vocalist and mastermind THE PROPHET describes his mvsic and svmmarizes perfectly where the wind blows. „FVNERAL [sic]“ is his present masterpiece. The pvre wealth of stilistic inflvences seems to be overwhelming at the first moment, so it is not a svprise at all, that till now every albvm was a climax to its predecessor. „FVNERAL [sic]“ marks the so far highlight of this development as it interlocks gvitars and electronica to a well-fveled apparatvs painting the epic element in its brightest colors. The regardless of their mighty arrangements catchy songs are crowned by the vocals, where new-singer THE SERAPH links her versatile rock voice to the changeover of electronic vocals and shovts by THE PROPHET. The material was fine-grovnded at Fascination Street Stvdios, where the sovnd experience was catched vp perfectly. Tracks: 1. FVNERAL [sic] 2. Skydweller 3. Saint Jvdas 4. Are Yov Happy Now, Fidelio 5. Horizon 6. Ghost Royale 7. Ovtnvmbered 8. Illvminate Me 9. Crack The Sky 10. Till Death Do Me Part 11. For They Shall Inherit The Earth
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