Suicide Commando - Axis Of Evil - 20th Anniversary (Rerelease) - 2LP

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Belgian Johan van Roy has had one of the longest careers in electro-industrial music, rising from humble beginnings in the '80s EBM scene to become a figurehead of the genre.

Suicide Commando's music is characterised van Roy's nasty, ultra-nihilistic worldview and his unflinching exploration of the dark side of human nature, combined with the intense, dancefloor-focused sounds in which it was packaged.

Now, exactly 20 years after its original release in 2003, Suicide Commando’s legendary Axis of Evil album is re-released with lots of brand new goodies.


side A
Cause Of Death: Suicide
Consume Your Vengeance
Face Of Death (Blind Rage Mix)

side B
The Reformation
One Nation Under God (Anti US Mix)

side C
Plastik Christ
Neuro Suspension

side D
Deliver us from evil
Disposable paradise
The killing game

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