Lord Of The Lost - Die Tomorrow 2022 - 10th Anniversary - 2CD

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Ten years after initial release, “Die Tomorrow” is still a fixed part of the LORD OF THE LOST live performance and was also the first album that reached the top 40 of the German album charts. Musically as well as visually, “Die Tomorrow” has been a seminal milestone for LORD OF THE LOST. The 2022 re-release celebrates the timelessness of the work that has by now become a classic. Collectors will be pleased about the primary release of “Die Tomorrow” as a 2LP-Vinyl and nostalgic music lovers will enjoy the old-school cassette format. As it says in the ending song “Credo”: “We give our hearts to the Lord Of The Lost” - and this has not changed. What has changed is the re-release, which in the Deluxe-Edition offers not only the 12 well-known songs, but also numerous limited edition tracks once again: There are feature tracks with Alex Wesselsky (EISBRECHER), Erk Aicrag (HOCICO), Holly Loose (LETZTE INSTANZ), a STAUBKIND remix, a number of beloved rarities, as well as a live-acoustic version of the LORD OF THE LOST hit ballad “See You Soon”. For those who can’t decide between the different versions should grab the limited bundle that contains, besides the 2CD, 2LP and MC, a sturdy canvas bag, a handy, sustainable companion for the next concert at which “We wanna see you dance like there is no tomorrow” yet again.


1 Live Today
2 Die Tomorrow
3 Black Lolita
4 Blood For Blood
5 Never Let You Go (feat. Ulrike Goldmann)
6 Shut Up When You’re Talking To Me
7 Heart For Sale
8 From Venus To Mars
9 See You Soon
10 My Heart Is Black
11 Your Victories
12 Credo

1 Letters To Home
2 Eure Siege (feat. Alex Wesselsky)
3 Marching Into Sunset (feat. Erk Aicrag)
4 Von Anfang An (feat. Holly Loose)
5 Words Of Sadness
6 The Most Radical Thing To Do
7 Do You Wanna Die Without A Scar
8 Death Doesn’t Kill You But I Do
9 Take The Pain Away
10 The Eyes Of Love Are Blind, Pt. II
11 Die Tomorrow (Staubkind Remix)
12 See You Soon (Live Acoustic at Chameleon Studios)

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