Combichrist - CMBCRST (Limited Edition) - MC+Bleistift/Pen Set

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The godfather of industrial metal is back! Primarily with screeching e-guitars which still brawl like hell fire on this 5th album in a new musical era, without compromising Combichrist's musical DNA. Andy LaPlegua naturally keeps up his fundamental electronic setting on his new album “CMBCRST” and shows to all copycats once more how transformation in the music world really works: While wallowing in mangy riffs, there’s already heavy electro beats coming around the corner, replacing one great evil with another. Exorcism a la Combichrist! Once more, Andy LaPlegua and his hellhounds outbid their musical inimitability with brutal self-confidence and know very well what to feed the pack to reach unconditional allegiance. Only Death Is Immortal!

“CMBCRST” is released as 
MC + pencil
2LP (zeotrope-vinyl): Here, “zeotrope” describes a sequence of pictures that, in motion, create a small animation. For the CMBCRST zeotrope vinyl, scenes from the music video of “Planet Doom” were used.
2LP (clear neon pink + black vinyl) 
Limited wooden fan box: The wooden fan box in its exclusive Combichrist design is strictly limited to 666 pieces worldwide! It includes: Digipak 2CD, bonus CD “Old School Show Live in Glasgow” (exklusiv in this box), back patch (26cm width), key chain (bottle opener), printed leather wristband, folded Din A2 poster, and a certificate.


Side A

   A1 Children Of Violence
   A2 D For Demonic
   A3 Heads Off
   A4 Only Death Is Immortal
   A5 Compliance
   A6 Northern Path
   A7 Through The Ravens Eyes

Side B

   B1 Wolves Eating Wolves
   B2 Not My Enemy
   B3 Modern Demon
   B4 Planet Doom
   B5 Sonic Witch
   B6 Violence Solves Everything PTI
   B7 Violence Solves Everything PTII (The end of a dream)

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