FRONT 242 – No Comment (Limited CRYSTAL CLEAR Vinyl) - LP

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“No Comment” and “Politics of Pressure” were originally released in 1984 and 1985, at a moment when FRONT 242 reached its full force line-up made of Daniel B., Patrick Codenys, Jean-Luc De Meyer and Richard “23” Jonckheere; and really started attracting a true cult- following. They had become the solid leaders of the newly born “electronic body music” movement in reference to their high-tech and hard edged electronic punk dance music. They were also shaping their cult image today as a high energetic powerful live-act dressed in military outfits ready to conquer the world and become one of the most popular underground bands for the many years to follow… “No Comment” was originally released as 6-tracks Vinyl only - but in two versions: Regular Vinyl and limited Double-12" (on 45rpm) in a Gatefold sleeve. A first CD version came out on Red Rhino the year after.


A1 Commando Mix    
A2 S.Fr. Nomenklatura (1&2)  
A3 Deceit (Behind Your Face)
B1 Lovely Day    
B2 No Shuffle    
B3 Special Forces

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