Funker Vogt - Death Seed EP (Limited Edition) - CD

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After their successful album “Element 115” from 2021, Funker Vogt returns with Bastian Polak (of INTENT:OUTTAKE-fame) as the new singer. The first [limited] release from the upcoming album “Final Construct” is this all exclusive 5-tracks EP. The EP contains two versions of the title track “Death Seed” as well as two exclusive new songs “A Hundred Ways to die” and “Question their Answers”, the latter of which is included in two very different mixes. The selection of songs was deliberately chosen to highlight the numerous vocal and shouting facets of the new singer Bastian Polak and to provide a good foretaste of the upcoming album. “Death Seed” is about a very dark time we are currently in. Words become lies and greed be- comes war. One has the feeling that a new world order is currently emerging. Even if there is a big bang, Funker Vogt always addresses the facts and warns humanity by holding up a mirror. Let's not hope that everything ends in tragedy and the wheel of time stops forever!

Death Seed
Question Their Answers
A Hundred Ways To Die
Death Seed (Ackermix)
Question Their Answers (Answer Their Questions Mix)

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