In Strict Confidence - Cryogenix (Limited Colored Vinyl) - 2LP

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Fans have had to wait a long 28 years. Now the debut album "Cryogenix" is finally being released on vinyl. As double vinyl in a gatefold cover. Packed with 14 tracks, including some very rare and even unreleased songs from the time.
Cryogenix" was originally released in 1996 on the then electro cult label "Zoth Ommog" (Front 242, Frontline Assembly, etc.). The album immediately became a hit with the scene and many of the songs are still popular with DJs and fans alike today. "Harmony & Hardness" was the trademark at the time and the band has remained true to it to this day.


A01 Falling down
A02 Dementia
A03 Inside
A04 Sudorific

B05 Become an angel
B06 In2Deep (Life - Part 1)
B07 Burning angel
B08 Lost in paradise

C09 Crux
C10 Sinner
C11 Change my vein
C12 Cryonic suspension (2nd life)

D13 Case of death
D14 Hell
D15 Inside (Inside Out Instrumental)
D16 Heavens Help (Life - Part 3)
D17 Dementia (Redux) 

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