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Live today – die tomorrow! On their new album “Die Tomorrow“, Hamburg-based Glam-Goth-shooting-stars sport a more versatile, raw, massive and catchy sound than ever! The album contains a collaboration with Ulrike Goldmann (Blutengel) and Martin Engler (Mono Inc.) Also available as a limited double CD edition with bonus disc (featuring guest stars Alex Wesselsky (Eisbrecher) and Erk Aicrag (Rabia Sorda, Hocico)) and as a strictly limited wooden box containing the 2CD version, a live DVD, a classy photo book and a flag. Live today – die tomorrow! The opener of the new album of Hamburg-based Glam-Goth-shooting-stars Lord Of The Lost is like a battle cry that runs like a thread through all the new songs: honest, direct, energy-laden, prone to experimentation, raw and as catchy as never before! Vocal acrobat Chris “The Lord” Harms and his lads are performing their new material as if there is no tomorrow while unleashing all of the verve that makes them an unrivalled live act in a collection of tunes that defy conventions. On “Die Tomorrow”, Death Metal flirts with Disco, Industrial with Electronica, Goth with Pop, only to culminate in a Art-Rock-esque grand finale, while fusing this diversity of styles like it is the most natural thing in the world. In the middle of all this mayhem, Chris Harms delivers one of the most spine-tingling duets of the last years with Blutengel’s Ulrike Goldmann, in a grandiose song co-written with Martin Engler from Mono Inc. “Pigeonholing is for beginners” seems to have been the motto… fact is that Lord Of The Lost have managed to create one of the most interesting and entertaining albums to come out of the dark Rock- and Metal-scene in years. “Die Tomorrow” will also be released as a limited double-CD in a Digipak. The bonus disc contains not only an epic 20-minute song but also energetic collaborations with Alex Wesselsky (Eisbrecher) and Erk Aicrag (Rabia Sorda, Hocico.) For the diehard fans, there will also be wooden box edition featuring the 2CD-version, a bonus live DVD, a classy photo book and a flag, strictly limited to 500 copies. CD Live Today Die Tomorrow Black Lolita Blood For Blood Never Let You Go feat. Ulrike Goldmann (BLUTENGEL) Shut Up When You're Talking To Me Heart For Sale From Venus To Mars See You Soon My Heart Is Black Your Victories Credo

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