Lord Of The Lost - Swan Songs (Re-release) - 2CD

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The re-release of "Swan Songs" by Lord of the Lost is a significant event for fans of the band and the dark rock genre. Originally, "Swan Songs" was released as part of the band's diverse discography, which blends elements of gothic, metal, and rock music. Lord of the Lost, founded in 2007 in Hamburg, Germany, by Chris Harms, is known for their theatrical and visually striking performances, as well as their deep, narrative-driven lyrics.

"Swan Songs" as an album holds a special place in Lord of the Lost's repertoire, as it showcases a more symphonic and orchestral side of the band. This approach differs from their typical heavier and more aggressive style, highlighting their versatility as musicians. The album includes reimagined versions of their existing songs, adapted to fit a more classical and symphonic arrangement, often featuring instruments like strings and piano, giving it a distinct and emotive sound.

CD 1
1. Six Feet Underground  
2. Dry The Rain 
3. Beyond Beautiful   
4. See You Soon 
5. Go To Hell  
6. Antagony  
7. Love In A Time Of War  
8. October 29   
9. Prison  

1. Till Death Us Do Part
2. Afterlife  
3. Sober        
4. Credo  
5. Porcelain
6. Lost In A Heartbeat
7. Annabel Lee
8. So Good It Hurts
9. This Life Divided
10. The Sands Of Time
11. If Johnny Cash Was Here
12. Somewhere

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