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Release Date: 19. February 2010 Sometimes it needs an earthquake to blow the dust from a genre that is way past its prime. The term “Gothic Metal” has become more and more of a farce in the past couple of years, drowning in a sea of plastic pomp, embarrassing aggro-poses and soft-rock-drivel. Enter Lord Of The Lost: the band fronted by “Mr. 1000 voices” Chris Harms ignores the genre’s clichés and impresses with an energetic mix of hit-compatible melodies, dark atmosphere and impulsive aggression. Chris Harms is an extremely versatile vocalist and might tingle your spine with his deep timbre in one moment, only to raise sonic hell with hefty growls and piercing screams in the next. Lord Of The Lost create their very own niche bridging the gap between headbanging-inferno, Glam-charms and dark romance with enthralling, catchy songs that are infused with an irresistible energy. As a missing link between Gothic and Marilyn Manson, the Hamburg-based band is unleashing an avalanche that will be hard to stop! Praise the Lord Of The Lost! Tracklist: 1. Last Words 2. Break Your Heart 3. Dry The Rain 4. My Deepest Fear 5. The Measure Of All Things 6. Till Death Us Do Part 7. Prologue 8. Never Forgive 9. To Die For 10. Vicious Circle 11. Not From This World 12. Nothing Words Can Say 13. Sooner Or Later
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