Wumpscut - Schädling (US Edition) - CD

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The first limited edition of the new :W: album was sold out on pre-order. The 2nd edition (coming on the same day as the first edition) can now be pre-ordered. Also the second edition comes in special, oversized SACD Packaging (SACD Size), but without the Parchment Style Booklet sheet. The CD itself is identic to the first edition. Tracklist:  01 Rusty Nails From Hell 02 Schäbiger Lump 03 Oh How it feels 04 Foretold 05 Break the Seal 06 Rifki 07 Enemy 08 Hard to Bear 09 Spuuk (Now is over) 10 Moloch 11 Voodoo Void 12 Nest
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