Wumpscut - Bone Peeler (Limited Orange Vinyl) - 2LP/Vinyl

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Special 20th Anniversary Edition, strictly limited to 400 copies! Double Vinyl on HEAVY 180 gram ORANGE Vinyl Deluxe Gatefold Sleeve with 2 seperate inner bags, 4-colour printed!

‘Bone Peeler’ came 3 years after the ‘Wreath of Barbs’ album. During this gap of 3 years, two Special (non-regular albums) were released: the ‘Preferential Tribe’ Double-CD and the ‘Wreath of Barbs Remixes’ EP. Originally released in 2004. Never before has Wumpscut released an album with such war-like percussion, threatening sequences, or "barbed" hooks sharp as knives, like those exhibited on "Bone Peeler." The addicting album also features Wumpscut's first ever love song, "Your last Salute," which is enriched by the voice of his lifeblood, Clara. Dark Electro doesn't get much better than Wumpscut's "Bone Peeler." This edition contains all 12 original audio tracks, all remastered for this new Vinyl edition!


A1 Crown of Thorns
A2 Just a Tenderness
A3 The March of the Dead
B1 Fear in your Eyes
B2 Rise again
B3 Final Warning
C1 Fallen Angel
C2 And Life goes on
C3 Our fatal Longing
D1 Scavenger
D2 In the Peace of Night
D3 Your last Salute

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