Solar Fake - Don't push this button! (Limited Colored Vinyl) - 2LP

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With the new album "DON'T push this button!", Sven Friedrich is breaking new ground.  From now on SOLAR FAKE releases on his own label "Pointless Music".

Sven says of the album's title: "It's a reference to the typical human behaviour of doing something you know you shouldn't do. It can even be written in capital letters, but you do it anyway. You see this in many areas of our lives and it destroys an incredible amount..."

"DON'T push this button!" will be released in three different versions. The main album contains ten new songs that will not only make fans' hearts beat faster. Heavy beats are paired with great melodies, there are few quiet moments and stylistically Sven remains true to himself, but without giving up new influences. The lyrics are of the usual sharpness and, together with the music, form a new highlight in the Berlin native's work.  

Friedrich has dressed seven of the songs in an indie rock guise under the name "Amplified" and recorded them together with his fellow musicians André Feller and Jens Halbauer. Three more songs in this style have also been added.


Side A
01. Hurts so bad
02. Not so important
03. Disagree
04. This generation ends
05. You keep breathing

Side B
01. Nothing’s wrong
02. It’s never been you
03. I won’t let you go
04. No good time
05. Lost

Side C
01. Hurts so bad (amplified version)
02. Disagree (amplified version)
03. Not so important (amplified version)
04. You keep breathing (amplified version)
05. Other plans (amplified version)

Side D
01. This generation ends (amplified version)
02. Waiting for the day (amplified version)
03. No good time (amplified version)
04. Not the one (amplified version)
05. Lost (amplified version)

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