Suicide Commando - Axis Of Evil - 20th Anniversary (Rerelease) - 2CD

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Belgian Johan van Roy has had one of the longest careers in electro-industrial music, rising from humble beginnings in the '80s EBM scene to become a figurehead of the genre.

Suicide Commando's music is characterised van Roy's nasty, ultra-nihilistic worldview and his unflinching exploration of the dark side of human nature, combined with the intense, dancefloor-focused sounds in which it was packaged.

Now, exactly 20 years after its original release in 2003, Suicide Commando’s legendary Axis of Evil album is re-released with lots of brand new goodies.

CD1 is a remaster of the original "axis of evil" album from 2003

CD2 contains b-sides, previously unreleased versions & 3 new remakes of songs from the "axis of evil" campaign in 2003


Cause Of Death: Suicide
Consume Your Vengeance
Face Of Death (Blind Rage Mix)
The Reformation
One Nation Under God (Anti US Mix)
Plastik Christ
Neuro Suspension

Deliver us from evil
Disposable paradise
The killing game
Face of death (Torment 01)
One nation under God (Off beat)
Cause of death: Suicide (Club edit)
Plastik Christ (instrumental version)
Face of death (2023 mix)
Evildoer (2023 mix)
Deliver us from evil (2023 mix)

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