Unzucht - Chaosmagie (Limited Vinyl) - 2LP

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In the Middle Ages, they would have been outlawed, if not punished, for their name. In the Here and Now, however, they are celebrated and have been since more than a decade now. Ever since De Clercq, Der Schulz, Blaschke and Fuhrmann won the Newcomer contest at M’Era Luna in 2010, things have only gone uphill for the four dark rockers: Six albums, numerous concerts and plenty of guest features. In between uncompromising New German Heaviness and unbounded Gothic Metal, Unzucht can draw on a wide range of songs for their Best Of ‚Chaosmagie‘. And that they do: CD1 let’s classics like ‚Deine Zeit läuft ab‘ and iconic Newcomers like ‚Jenseits der Welt‘ shine in a new light, while CD2 offers 14 rare and remixed versions.
Once again, Box fans get the best deal: With a bonus CD, containing tracks from the very early days of Unzucht, a Bandana, a flask, a patch and a certificate, they get the ultimate devotional set.
The 2LP is limited to 300 copies!

Track List:
Side A
1. Unzucht 2022
2. Engel der Vernichtung 2022
3. Kleine geile Nonne 2022
4. Nur die Ewigkeit 2022

Side B
5. Deine Zeit läuft ab 2022
6. Am Ende der Farben 2022
7. Wo die Stimmen schweigen 
8. Unendlich 2022

Side C
9. Schweigen 2022
10. Widerstand 
11. Ein Wort fliegt wie ein Stein 
12. Neuntöter

Side D
13. Nela 
14. Du fehlst 
15. Nein 
16. Jenseits der Welt

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