And One - Regenschirmmann - Rain Poncho

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Rain can surprise us all, especially at festivals, but why let it spoil your mood? The And One Regenschirmmann Rain Poncho is not only a practical companion for unexpected downpours, but also a design highlight!


- Compact design: this poncho comes in a compact plastic ball that can easily be placed in your bag or attached to your backpack. Perfect for spontaneous outings and festivals!

- Striking Logo: Printed with our new And One Regenschirmmann logo, this poncho will quickly become an eye-catcher.

- Quick to put on: Thanks to its simple design, the poncho slips on quickly, so you'll be protected from the rain in seconds.


With the And One Regenschirmmann Rain Poncho, you'll not only be ready for any downpour, but you'll look good doing it!

Note: Please let the poncho dry well after use to ensure its longevity.

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