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“Bodypop” completes the circle and showcases And One doing what they have always been best at: creating music that will provoke a dance cult, while carrying the certain spark that makes a great pop tune. It is, thus, hardly any wonder that the slightly sleazy Electro-ballad “So klingt Liebe” almost instantly climbed the German charts up to position 34 and that the accompanying video is now on heavy rotation on Viva Plus. Everything on “Bodypop” sounds fresh and new, and yet preserves all of And One’s trademarks: the strange musical assaults, the sonic roller coaster rides, the cynical humour, the ironic pathos and the irresistible melodies. Some of the songs sneak in through the back door while others smack you straight in the face … but they all hit bull’s eye, nonetheless. All tracks on the album have hit potential but do good to avoid any worn-out pop music clichés – an exciting thrill ride comprised of Synth Pop, EBM and lots of surprises … garbage-recycling is something that And One prefer to leave to their competitors. With “Body Company” and “Traumfrau”, the album furthermore contains two songs that were quickly becoming fan favourites during the band’s last tour. “Bodypop” will be released as a regular album CD and as a limited Digipak-Version with the bonus-EP “Frontfeuer” – a release that shows the band cranking up their engines to shake the floorboards with their very own EBM-variety. “Bodypop” – your neighbours will hate you!


  1. Mein Anfang
  2. Military Fashion Show
  3. Enjoy The Unknown
  4. So Klingt Liebe
  5. The Sound Of Believer
  6. Body Company
  7. Traumfrau
  8. Stand The Pain
  9. Sexkeit
  10. Love You To The End
  11. The Dream
  12. Dein Ende
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