Parkway Drive - Atlas - CD

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Parkway Drive's hugely anticipated 4th album, Atlas, follows closely on the triumphs of 2010's Deep Blue, which set new sales highs in the US & won the band a Grammy in their native Australia. Recorded in Los Angeles with producer Matt Hyde (Slayer, Hatebreed), Atlas is yet another creative leap forward for the group, boasting some of the most up front and confrontational material Parkway Drive has ever released, while at the same time taking several unexpected turns into lush sonic terrain, redefining their trademark heavy sound while reinforcing their position as leaders in their field. 1. "Sparks" 2:18 2. "Old Ghosts / New Regrets" 2:50 3. "Dream Run" 4:09 4. "Wild Eyes" 4:19 5. "Dark Days" 4:05 6. "The River" 5:27 7. "Swing" 3:32 8. "The Slow Surrender" 4:14 9. "Atlas" 4:09 10. "Sleight of Hand" 4:27 11. "Snake Oil and Holy Water" 2:49 12. "Blue and the Grey"
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