Parkway Drive - Deep Blue - CD

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Australia's biggest hardcore-metal band Parkway Drive have delivered the long-awaited follow-up to 2007's hard-hitting breakout album Horizons just in time to unleash the new tracks as they storm the Warped Tour all summer. Determined to surpass previous efforts, Parkway Drive have gone all out in creating a complete listening experience. While maintaining the band's trademark sound at its core, Deep Blue weaves music, lyrics and artwork together into a dense concept that flows from beginning to end. 1. "Samsara" 1:45 2. "Unrest" 2:19 3. "Sleepwalker" 4:01 4. "Wreckage" 3:21 5. "Deadweight" 3:47 6. "Alone" 4:30 7. "Pressures" 3:22 8. "Deliver Me" 4:13 9. "Karma" 3:49 10. "Home Is for the Heartless" (featuring Brett Gurewitz of Bad Religion) 4:08 11. "Hollow" (featuring Marshall Lichtenwaldt of The Warriors) 3:00 12. "Leviathan I" 3:49 13. "Set to Destroy" 1:34
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