Parkway Drive - Don't Close Your Eyes (Eco-Mix Coloured Vinyl) - LP

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As Australian metal juggernauts Parkway Drive gear up for a world tour to commemorate their 20th anniversary as a band, Epitaph Records announces the release of the band"s debut EP from 2004, for the first time on vinyl. This expanded version of Don"t Close Your Eyes includes the original 8 tracks from the band"s first EP , with the addition of bonus tracks included from both their split album with I Killed the Prom Queen and from the compilation albums What We"ve Built and True Till Death, Volume I. Hailing from the beachfront town of Byron Bay, Australia, Parkway Drive blasted out of their serene surroundings touting a volatile blend of intricate metal riffing, punishing breakdowns, and hardcore"s emotional tension. The band caught fire regionally with the chart-topping Horizons (2007) and Deep Blue (2010), then broke into the international market in 2012 with the arrival of Atlas. 2015"s Ire saw the group introduce clean singing into their oeuvre, and they continued to move toward a more melodic, though no less aggressive metal style on 2018"s Reverence and 2022"s Darker Still. Parkway Drive continue to be a force of nature, 20 years in and still one of the top headliners in the hard music scene. Don"t Close Your Eyes revisits the band"s beginnings and their completest fans will be excited to finally have this album available on vinyl.

Smoke Em If You Got Em
Dead Dreams
Flesh, Bones And Weakness
The Cruise
You're Over
Looks Lika Yoda
Don't Close Your Eyes
I Watched
Swallowing Razorblades
Emotional Breakdown
Hollow Man
The Negotiator

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