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MOTOR!K celebrates the roots of electronica in krautrock, highlighting a glorious and underexplored kosmische tradition, with an updated touch. Think NEU! meets WIRE.

Step into their world and let them take you by surprise, Belgium’s guitarist/synthesist Joeri Dobbeleir (The Whereabouts Of J. Albert) together with Dirk Ivens – guitar / FX (known for his work with The Klinik and Dive amongst others) and drummer Dries D’Hollander (ex-Suburb Songs), forges a new path artistically and musically.

The self titled debut album “MOTOR!K” (2019) got excellent reviews in magazines and was considered as a real insider tip among European psych heads, a maelstrom bringing the listener into trance, the perfect and even drugfree inebriation. Exhilarating live reports are frantically emerging from their performances.

Now the 2nd album called “ MOTOR!K – 2” is ready, set for 25th of September on the Berlin / Germany based Out Of Line label. The front cover picture by Paul Banks (Interpol / Muzz) was used with kind permission and captures the mood of the album perfectly.

1. Tyrants
2. Headlights
3. Memoria
4. Sundown
5. Ritual
6. Penta

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