Sopor Aeternus - The Inexperienced Spiral Traveller (Limited Yolk Splatter Vinyl) - 2LP

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    2x12" vinyl individually hand-finished
    Every copy is a unique item
    Yolk Splatter effect
    Crystal clear, gold and black
    180 gram
    Extra-audiophile high quality disc
    Black inner sleeve with antistatic lining
    Gatefold sleeve
    12-page booklet (DIN A4) with all song lyrics
    Three postcards: 1x DIN A4 and 2x large, square (29 x 29cm)
    Patch with the original “SOPOR AETERNUS” calligraphy
    Hand-numbered by Anna-Varney Cantodea
    Strictly limited to 500 copies worldwide


Side A:

    Sylla'boreal (Embracing The Dead Prior To The Service)
    Question(S) Beyond Terms
    C'ayllagher A Dom'bhrail (There Is No Need To Remind Me)
    To A Loyal Friend

Side B:

    Never Trust The Obvious
    The Inexperienced Spiral Traveller (A Fragment)

Side C:

    Memories Are Haunted Places (Birth-Fiendish Figuration, Instr.)
    Die Widerspenstigkeit Unerwünschter Gedanken
    Totenlicht (Infant In The Face Of Time)
    Ein Freundliches Wort Hat Meine Seele Berührt (Instr.)

Side D:

    Die Toten Kehren Wieder Mit Dem Wind
    May I Kiss Your Wound?
    Ein Gütiges Lächeln Auf Den Gesichtern Der Toten

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