Awake The Machines Vol. 6 - CD

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The time of silence is over: the machines are awaking from their hibernation to deliver to us the hottest tracks from the world of electronic music. On the sixth instalment of their successful series, Out of Line have compiled no less than the absolute best from their most popular acts, the smash hits from the current DJ- play lists, phenomenal newcomers and a large number of unreleased tracks and remixes … on a jam-packed regular CD and a limited double album. In hard numbers this means: 17 or respectively 34 hits from the entire club spectrum - spanning from Electroclash, Dark Electro, EBM to TechNoise and beyond. Names like Client, Elegant Machinery, And One, Hocico, Blutengel or Combichrist speak for themselves. At a smashing price of ¤ 4,99 for the standard CD and ¤ 7,99 for the electronic double strike, it is doubtless that the success story of “Awake the Machines” will continue seamlessly. Stay awake! Tracklisting: 01. Auto Auto "Shadowlands“ 02. Elegant Machinery “Feel The Silence” 03. Ashbury Heights „Smaller“ 04. DIN [A] Tod “Time Made Dogs Of Us” 05. Client “Lights Go Out (UnterART Remix)” 06. Marsheaux “Ghost” 07. Kloq “I Never Said” (Edit) 08. Lola Angst "Dear Enemy" 09. Aesthetic Perfection “Pale (Beta Edit)” 10. Blutengel “Born Again” 11. Cephalgy „Tiefer (Cut Me Mix)“ 12. Hocico “A Fatal Desire“ 13. Agonoize “Pornomagcenterfold” 14. UnterART “Now Or Never” 15. Rabia Sorda “The Shape Of A Name” 16. Combichrist “E-Ville (Chicago Club Mix by Accessory) 17. And One “Steine sind Steine (live)” Release Date: May 09, 2008
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