V.A. - Machineries Of Joy Vol. 5 - 2CD

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Our most favorite compilation series hits its fifth installment. Meticulously assembled, “Machineries Of Joy Vol. 5” will be released as a double CD with a selection of the most important bands and the best newcomers from the international Gothic- and Electro-scene, most of them contributing previously unreleased tracks or remixes … and all that at the sensational price point of an album CD! Of all the compilation-series that we are releasing here at Out Of Line Music, Machineries Of Joy has always been the most special. The most important selling point of the series to us has always been that the majority of the tracks would have to be previously unreleased at the release date of the sampler: be it in form of rare or new tracks or unreleased remixes. The hunt for those songs and the assembly of the most comprehensive assortment of bands and newcomers from the international Gothic-, Dark Alternative and Electro-Scene is therefore always a special passion of the Out Of Line crew. For the newest installment, “Machineries Of Joy Vol. 5”, it was our set goal to surpass anything we have done before. After a lot of months of hard work, we can now slap our own backs and announce with pride that we have succeeded: the new baby is even more representative, diverse and enthralling than the rest of lot. It features some of the most important names in the scene, from Blutengel, Hocico, Combichrist, Staubkind, Lord Of The Lost, Suicide Commando, Kirlian Camera, Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio, Solitary Experiments and Icon Of Coil right up to Rummelsnuff, plus an exquisite selection of newcomers and glittering freaks, from the shooting stars CHROM, OST+FRONT and Officers to really fresh faces, such as Meinhard or Too Dead To Die. The entire package will be released as a jam-packed double CD at the sensationally low price point of an album CD. Here is your way out of the daily compilation grind… Machineries Of Joy Vol. 5 – not like the others! CD1 1.Solitary Experiments Stars 2.Blutengel A place called home 3.Chrom Walked The Line 4.Too Dead To Die NLTL (Nothing Left To Lose) 5.Icon Of Coil Perfect Sex (Scandy Remix) 6. Melotron Dein Meister - 2013 7.Tristesse De La Lune Erinnerung 8.Cephalgy Vom Himmel (Reloaded) 9.Kirlian Camera مادة مظلمة 10.Dear Strange Sweeter than this 11.Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio How we loved that Night, in the Torture Garden 12.Forgotten Sunrise The Moments When God Was Wrong (MMXII) 13.Pankow Mortality 14.The Juggernauts Damaged Illusions 15.Signal Aout 42 Sex Gadget (Saturday Night Mix) 16.Jäger 90 Zeig´s mir CD2 1.Hocico The Intruder 2.Suicide Commando My Blasphemy (Rough Pre-Mix) 3.Combichrist Bottle Of Pain (Mass Edit) 4.Funker Vogt Mein Weg (Machineries of joy remix) 5.Officers Petals feat. Gary Numan (Jagz Kooner Remix) 6.Rabia Sorda Somewhere Along The Road (Electric Revolt version) 7.Ost+Front Silikon 8.Rummelsnuff Türsteher (Steinkind Mix) 9.Lord of The Lost feat. Erk Aicrag Marching Into Sunset 10.Staubkind Nur ein Tag (Live) 11.Meinhard Caucus race 12.Lola Angst Happy Love Song 13.Dulce Liquido Los sonidos del silencio 14.Formalin Collider (Glorious Havoc Clubmix) 15.Miss Construction I'm a bitch 16.Eisenfunk Citizen (Long Demo Version)
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