V.A. - Industrial For The Masses Vol. 4 - 2CD

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Release Date: march 5th, 2010 Industrial for the Clubs, massive bass garnished with tons of noise for the dance floor! The fourth instalment of the successful compilation series will challenge your stereo set with red hot and partly exclusive material from Combichrist, Nachtmahr, Dulce Liquido, Miss Construction, The Horrorist, Speedy J, KiEw, Northborne, UnterART, Cervello Elettronico, Phosgore, 13th Monkey and a roster of promising newcomers. The perfect fusion of harsh Industrial and dance floor compatible Techno-club-sounds, “Industrial For The Masses Vol. 4” brings together the cream of the crop in hard electronic sounds on an infernal compilation. As a special bonus, the set includes a CD-maxi from the promising new German Industrial-project Maelstrom Inc. Tracklist CD1: 01. Dulce Liquido ”Love Or Die” 02. PN-X-TG  “Cannonfodder” 03. CombiChrist “Penalty Shot” 04. Speedy J “Actor Nine” 05. Formalin “Yuppiescum” 06. Kiew “Stille/Stimme” (IFTM Edit) 07. Miss Construction “Zombiefied” 08. NorthBorne “Airsoul (Punch mix)” 09. The Horrorist “I Stand With You” 10. Exzakt “Sub.Sonic. Base (2009 Edit)” 11. Cervello Elettronico “Asphyxiate” 12. Nachtmahr “Träume” 13. EDMX “Pent up” 14. UnterArt „  Novalis Part III (Keine Götter)“ 15. Phosgore “Destruktor” 16. 13th monkey “Anality (IftMMix)” Tracklist CD2: 1. Mælstrom Inc “Hit Me” 2. Mælstrom Inc “Jesus Got Infected” 3. Mælstrom Inc “Hit Me (Remixed By Destroid)” 4. Mælstrom Inc “Hit Me (Remixed By Kiew)”
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